Google is constantly evolving its feature to make it more friendly to its users; moreover, the new tweaks and updates also guard the privacy concerns. The search engine giant pays even the minutest attention to almost everything, from bringing the Gmail animations to life, allowing users to record calls, constantly offer Play Store updates, and much more. For the desktop site, Google has again come up with a new upgrade that is geared towards making using the search engine easier.

Google is thinking about adding a new keyboard shortcut that will take the users directly to the search box within a matter of seconds. A keyboard shortcut of any sort is very handy, and a shortcut that will take anyone directly to the search box would certainly be unprecedented. Another similar feature would be pressing the tab button which also lets the users navigate the page with just the keyboard.

To access the search box, users need to press ‘/’ on a results page that will open the search field which, in turn, will allow the users to start typing again. The cursor ends at the end of the query and suggestions relating to the keywords come up one by one underneath for a quick selection with the arrow keys, an already existing feature.

So far, the experts seem to think that the recently included keyboard shortcut can be used only to refine the original keywords. Moreover, the keyboard shortcut does not work on the homepage where the search field is immediately active on page load.

To inform the users of this newly added feature, Google has added a box of some sort in the bottom-left corner of the search results page that opens whenever any key is pressed. The new feature has been rolled out widely, but it still needs some time before everyone across the globe can access the keyboard shortcut.