August14 , 2022

Top warnings telling your learning management system needs a switch


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Having the right LMS at your organization makes a big difference in making sure that your training and learning efforts act as an asset to the organization’s very end. In some instances, you should have a new LMS, but different factors get in the way, mostly time and money, which is of no surprise.

With TalentLMS you can get access to an upgraded system without hampering your budget. Generally, in the wave of any change especially upgradation or purchasing a new one hampers cost and time on its implementation on a broader prospect. But here is a thing, the difficulty and pain of going for a switch is only a small price paid for the bigger benefits in the future. Reap the advantages of LMS that work well in achieving a company’s goal. Here are a few signs to buy a new LMS:

1. You continuously talk to your colleagues about how much you hate your existing learning management system, and what all you cannot do in it but wonder if you could, or anyhow manage to get the job done in spite of your LMS. it is a challenging situation, right! But, remember there is light at the end of every tunnel, where the light is you switching on to a new LMS. And you should know why you are doing it. Ensure that you take your time clearly deciding what all you want in your LMS. Do proper research and explore your options before sticking on to one, to avoid ending up in a similar position again.

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2. Learner feedback and learning assessment options are lesser than being impactful. The most crucial thing of work as a professional or a team leader is whether your employees are learning or not. Learning what is required to add more value to your company’s goal is the main focus of every person in the organization. And feedback and evaluations is the critical aspect of your LMS that needed to facilitate. The feedback of the course content is essential, and crucial for your LMS to offer a robust process that supports engaging in continuous betterment of training efforts. If your current LMS leaves you to crave more when it comes to assessment and feedback, it is a good sign that you need to switch to a new one.

3. It does not allow a full array of multi-device accessibility. Despite the assurance of mobile learning, it is still in the early stage of development and is a sign of betrayal and failure in providing what has been promised. Mobile access to the LMS surrounding be it for learners or the administrators will tend to become urgent with every passing day. Ask this question, how potent is access to your LMS on other smart devices? And if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to, look at learning through Google glass or smartwatches.

4. You find yourself wondering if your LMS has better integration with the other system of your company. This is something you need to drop in your requirement list rather than wondering about this fact. There are no options available that can automatically integrate LMS with any other device. For this, many changes needed to be done to your system for an integration effort. The key is having a robust API environment in which the desired integration feature can be developed.


A lot of organizations are not fully satisfied with their LMS. it’s better to switch onto a new software rather than sitting back and wonder what is not there and what all could have been achieved if we had a new one? LMS is an important aspect of any organization and having a capable one can open many opportunities which can work in the favor of the organization and its employees’ development and success.

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