Microsoft announced Power Apps that came with the GPT-3 to which the company owned the exclusive license in 2020.

On May 23rd Microsoft announced that Power Apps is the first-ever client product that integrates GPT-3 natural language model function. This will help users write apps in natural language without having knowledge of designing apps by using code.

GPT-3 is a natural language trained on 175 billion parameters which equip it to understand and generate text written on natural human language prompts. The world’s largest text generator model can be used to write poems, Tweets, etc, and it also has the ability to turn natural language into code.

Previously it was used to write low-code customized commercial applications, but since Microsoft obtained an exclusive license to OpenAI’s GTP-3, the company tried to embed it into various services and products. Now that GPT-3 comes with the ability to turn natural language into codes it can help people who do not have any programming skills to build applications on their own. This language can sophisticate and automatically convert simple human language into the low-code Microsoft Power Fx formula which will yield desirable results for its users.

However, the use of this language is not limited to only individuals. Corporate employees too could make use of it to review donations from non-profit organizations, manage business trips, and much more. The possibilities with the GTP-3 appear endless as of now.

However, Microsoft is emphasizing again and again that this function does not and cannot replace the need for the employees to understand coding. The company further added that this feature will help those who are learning the Power Fx language and help them choose the correct formula.

The new features of Microsoft Power Apps will be available in the US by the end of June.

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