Xiaomi is doing exceptionally well in the tech business especially in the Chinese and Indian markets. A few days ago, IDC published a report which showed that the Chinese tech company topped the chart of shipping the most smartphones in India in the first quarter of 2021. Xiaomi is likely to have the busiest year ahead.

After introducing a plethora of smartphones in the Q1 of 2021, the company is apparently gearing up to launch a series of smart TVs in the Chinese market. Notably, a series of smart TVs have appeared on the 3C certification website. The website also lists a few smart TVs from Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi.

The certification website shows three smart TVs from Xiaomi and one smart TV from its subbrand. No details about the smart TVs have been made public, but taking into consideration the fact that the previous smart TVs offered by the company have come with a resolution that reaches 4K, there is a high chance that the upcoming smart TVs too would offer 4K resolution.

The list that shows the details of the smart TVs use a relatively independent code name, and as such it is difficult to decipher the names of the smart TVs, and its sizes, and what specs to expect from them. The record that both Redmi and Xiaomi has when it comes to smart TVs, there is also a chance that the upcoming products will come with a matrix backlight which will cut the power consumption to up to 300 to 400 watts.

According to Li Xiaoshuang, general manager of the Xiaomi TV Department, the company ships millions of smart TVs annually, and that each generation of Xiaomi’s TV is of high quality along with featuring a cool feature. Redmi is set to launch its 4K smart TV that comes in 43-inch and 50-inch variants with Dolby Vision-enabled 4K display and Dolby Atmos audio in India in June.