How much does it cost to hire out a corporate video production firm

An external communication video or an internal training video will make your business grow as long as you deliver a high-quality video production product. Although you could try producing the video by yourself, you will be much better off paying for professional corporate video production.

The cost of this service varies depending on the equipment, runtime, and the number of people involved in the production. To help you understand the advantages of hiring a professional team and elevating your business, we’ve prepared a guide on the production costs.

Factors that affect Corporate Video Production cost

As you may assume, there isn’t a fixed price for corporate video production. If you choose to hire a professional team, they will consult with you and determine a rough estimation cost based on the number of cameras, length of the video, and amount of labor that is involved in the production process. If you plan to use the company for several videos, you can expect that they will offer you promotions or a more affordable fee per minute.

Time affecting the cost of Video Production

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The most crucial element is the effort invested into creating the video. You will find that certain production firms charge for every minute spent filming or editing the content, while others will determine the fee by the length of the final video. On average, you will find that shooting time is charged anywhere between £150 to £250 per hour.
You will find production companies on either side of this range, but this would be a good number to budget for.

How does the location affect Video Production?

Given that internal training videos will likely be filmed in your business, the location shouldn’t raise the price too much. Filming even a two-minute video in the middle of London could cost you upwards of a thousand pounds. Of course, the price depends on the services that the firm provides.

Services provided by the Corporate Video Production firm

If you are looking to get a more precise estimate of the video production price, you should consider whether the production team is just filming and editing the video or if they will also be writing the script, doing professional voice-over, obtaining music rights, and additional services, all of which may up the price.

How to hire a Corporate Video Production firm

Hiring a professional corporate video production company isn’t difficult.

The first step is to ask for reviews and contact people who’ve had a great experience with the agency you are looking into. It doesn’t get better than hearing a sincere testimonial from someone satisfied with the offered services.
The second step is to determine your budget and stay true to it. With this in mind, when you book a consultation with the videographer or a representative of the agency, you will know what to request and what you can afford to pay for their services.

In the end, it is vital to write down your ideas for the video, even if you can’t figure out a script so that the agency can inform you of everything needed for the filming process..

This way, you will end up with a video that accurately represents your company.

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