Flagship smartphones from one of the leading smartphone companies in the world, OnePlus, have always proved their worth, especially when it comes to its performance. Even some people who have been using 3-years-old smartphones, namely the OnePlus 5T, usually do not want to replace the smartphone unless they definitely have to. It speaks highly about the standards that OnePlus maintains and people don’t hesitate to pay for it. However, when unsolved issues such as battery issues come up, even more people come forward addressing the same issue, hoping for a solution.

The latest smartphone to fall prey to battery issues is the recently launched OnePlus Nord smartphone. Previously, owners of the OnePlus 8T too had come forward with the same issue. The Nord smartphone runs on the latest Android 11 based on the OxygenOS out of the box. Moreover, as this model is comparatively the latest one, it is supposed to offer even better performance. However, one owner of the smartphone has complained about the OnePlus community page that their Nord smartphone, although when not in use and when its mobile data or even WiFi is turned off, is consuming battery at a concerning rate. The user was able to pinpoint the source of the issue, and as per the screenshots attached to the complaint, the issue seems to be stemming from the Messages app. The app is consuming the highest battery even when it is not in use.

The user’s complaint read, “Hi. I have been noticing this since 3 weeks now. My phone’s battery is draining really quickly. For example, at midnight it is at 98% and when I wake up around 10 am to check, it is usually at 70%. Without any use. My Wifi and data remains off always during this time. Even throughout the day, the battery consumption is crazy. Upon checking, I realized that messages is consuming ~30% battery. Which for a basic application like messages is wayyy too much. Even Instagram has 4% usage.”

The discussion is open as of now, and an official response to that problem is yet to be mentioned. 

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