‘Fear Street’ Trilogy’s Final Part, ‘Fear Street Part Three: 1666’ Released

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Leigh Janiak’s ‘Fear Street trilogy is becoming increasingly popular on Netflix. Following ‘Fear Street Part One: 1994’ and ‘Fear Street Part Two: 1978’, Netflix finally launched the final installment in the trilogy, ‘ Fear Street Part Three: 1666’.

The films are based on books of the same name written by R. L. Stine, who recounts supernatural occurrences in a town called Shadyside. A group of teenagers takes it upon themselves to find out why their town appears to be hainted. In the first installment of the movie, we follow two teens from 1994, Deena (played by Kiana Madeira) and her now-possessed girlfriend Sam (played by Olivia Scott Welch), unravel the apparently haunted mystery of their town where murders and massacres happen of their own accord, committed by its ordinary citizens. Having recovered the hand of Fier and reunited it with her skeletal corpse, Deena is pulled into the witch’s memories and must relive her final days. Now the truth waits to be uncovered.

The name of the movie gives us a glimpse as to what to expect from this final installment. Deena would discover the root of all-cause and discover the men responsible for the occurrences. The name also suggests that it will take us back to 1666, also called the year of the devil. The teasers have assured us that the movie’s final installment would be the scariest installment yet.

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The movie centers around a 1666 witch hunt, which will lead to disastrous consequences for the town of Shadyside and its residents. Deena learns the truth about Sarah Fier and the 20th-century teenagers looking for a way to end the curse cast on Shadyside.

The movie runs for 1 hour and 52 minutes and stars Kiana Madeira, Ashley Zukeran, Gillian Jacobs, Olivia Scott Welch, and Benjamin Flores Jr.

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