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Oppo hosted the “Flash Charge Open Day” on July 22, and launched numerous battery technologies including battery safety detection chip, internal string dual cell structure, and much more.

Oppo Inner String Double Cell Structure

The inner string double cell structure comprises two cells inside the battery packaging bag and introduces a layer of polymer material that will ensure that the two batteries can work independently. This, apparently, will increase the battery capacity by at least 5% year on year while also maintaining safety performance.

Safety Detection Chip

The safety detection chip comes with the ability to identify abnormal voltage drops in a battery. Paired with an AI algorithm, this can also eliminate the voltage drop caused by an impulse large load, and when a battery is damaged beyond repair, it also reminds the user to replace it. This will eliminate any danger with regard to the safety problems stemming from the damaged battery.

Sandwich safety Battery

Another battery technology introduced at the event is called sandwich safety battery. This feature makes use of a new type of composite polymer material as the matrix which will go on to ensure that the battery stays protected from the dangers of battery safety.

Oppo Smart Charging Technology

Oppo’s smart charging technology can control the negative electrode potential so that the battery can maximize the charging current by regulating it dynamically. Over the years, the Chinese company has been successful in reducing the generated heat almost by half which means that now charging is even further improved.

Oppo also announced that they have started using low-voltage gallium nitride to the internal circuits of mobile phones for path management of fast charging. This not only saves space, but also reduces heat consumption, and improves the current of charging duration while also offering better protection capabilities.

At the Flash Charge Open Day, the company also mentioned that since the day flash charging was introduced into its devices, the company has always made sure to implant security into Oppo’s flash charging gene to deliver both speed and added safety.

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