Oppo finally receives authorization for a vein unlocking patent

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The Chinese smartphone giant, Oppo recently received the patent authorization of “Venous Unlocking Method and Vein Unlocking Device.” The announcement carries the number CN110298944B, and the patent application was filed back in June 2019. The patent portrays a vein unlocking method and a vein unlocking device. The feature would include receiving an unlocking request from a user and notifying the wearable device to collect N vein images.

Most likely, the vein recognition device will be worn in the form of a band and may consist of a first image sensor unit, a second image sensor unit, and a control unit which will be used for transmitting the received vein patterns. Since the patent that Oppo received will be used for unlocking purposes we can assume that it will also serve as the gadget which will provide authentication information to various devices using the band worn on the wrist or even on a finger.

Previously, bio-recognition was used for almost all devices. This technology used fingerprints, irises, finger veins, signature, and facial recognition for unlocking a device. However, one advantage that this vein recognition might have relates to its high recognition performance, less objection and discomfort, and of course, faster recognition times. In most cases, the vein recognition system has a high-reliability rate even if the patterns on the finger are different from that of the wrist. This would ensure high reliability for personal authentication. Moreover, it is also possible to integrate this system with various security devices such as automobiles, door locks, payment authentication devices, various online payment systems, and much more.

Oppo is not the first company that had filed or even received recognition for the vein recognition unlocking patent. Notably, Apple had filed a similar patent. The vein recognition technology, for the Cali-based tech giant, will be used and implemented in its upcoming Apple watches.

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