On August 21, Mechanical Revolution has released the F6 thin and light notebook, which will be available in all channels in the near future, according to the official Weibo of MECHREVO Mechanical Revolution.  

While considering both scalability and performance, the notebook maintains a slim and light aesthetic.  

The screen of this notebook uses the golden ratio of 16:10 to provide a 16-inch full-screen effect with a resolution of 2560×1600 and 100 percent sRGB high color gamut coverage, according to Mechanical Revolution’s official introduction.

The notebook features an advanced new magnesium alloy manufacturing technique, a more robust structure, and a honeycomb-shaped stiffener with a bionic structure that considerably improves strength while maintaining excellent weight control.  

On the keyboard, the mechanical revolution F6 employs a more user-friendly 84-column keyboard that provides full-size direction keys and a sub-keyboard region, as well as 1.4mm long-stroke keys, while preserving the most widely used basic functionalities of a full-size keyboard. 

On the left side of the mechanical revolution F6 thin and light notebook, there are two USB Type-C interfaces, one Thunderbolt 4 and the other full-featured USB Type-C, as well as an HDMI port and a headphone jack. The power button is located on the fuselage’s side.  

The official mechanical revolution did not introduce a specific performance configuration, and the mechanical revolution F6 thin and light notebook will be marketed in all channels in the near future, according to IT Home.  

The F6 thin and light notebook is the result of a mechanical revolution: a 16-inch full-screen display and innovative magnesium alloy processing technologies.