American multinational tech giant, Microsoft has announced that teams will not be supporting g iOS 13 and lower versions shortly.

Microsoft is sequentially producing computer software. The company’s notorious software is Microsoft windows. It is a widely used software worldwide. The colossal tech giant has declared that their eminent Microsoft teams will no longer function g iOS 13 and below versions.

Besides, the existing Microsoft team will regularly work on iOS devices with the exception of app updates in the future. Moreover, if the users mistakenly Uninstalled the app or reboot their mobiles, users can’t reinstall the teams from the store.

Microsoft reported that the teams would stop working in iOS 13 and the below version of iOS. The process is expected to start in the opening week of October, seemingly anticipated to be completed at the end of October.

Furthermore, Microsoft endorsed the users to update up to minute versions of Microsoft teams to run teams smoothly.
This move is relatively similar to Microsoft outlook’s recent step to neglect the support for g iOS 13. In addition, they reported that Microsoft Outlooks would support only two versions of iOS in Microsoft outlook, specifically iOS 14 and iOS 15.