Oculus Quest’s new update can auto-sync VR photos and video clips to mobile

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Oculus has started rolling out a group of the latest software updates for Quest and Quest 2 VR headsets. The v32 feature introduces a small but important update for the in-headset consumer experience along with the Oculus Move health tracking app. The major update of Oculus Quest is a feature that auto-sync saved photos and videos captured within VR to the Oculus mobile app on iOS and Android.

In the last update, Oculus allows you to upload files from a headset through the Browser app in the VR, a step forward over the first technique of connecting the headset to a PC. But this update goes a step similarly in getting rid of friction for viewing or sharing content. Because it helps you to roll in the hay without a headset on.

To sync files from your headset with running v32 software to the app, follow the steps. First, open the Files app from your Oculus Quest app library in the headset. Then click on the cloud icon on the way to seem at its top-right corner.

It’ll request that you turn on the syncing feature. Whenever you’re done, your clasps and photos will be visible and shareable with the “devices” sheet within the Oculus mobile app. You can start Oculus Quest auto-sync VR photos and video clips to mobile.

Oculus has made a couple of different changes, including the gifting apps and games even as you’ve got a headset on. Before this, gifting had to be done by the Oculus app or through a browser. Yet you can do everything in one spot now.

Oculus Quest other update

If you want to chat with your Oculus friends while in VR, you’ll soon find them in the “People” tab within Facebook Messenger in VR. Now no longer as a separate section. Oculus Quest contacts are going to be placed within the same list as your Facebook friends. However, Oculus says that the friends you made in VR will not have the option to see Facebook movement except if you add them as friends on Facebook. So they stay separate regardless of how it might show up inside the app.

Ultimately, Oculus is making changes to its Move fitness platform. That can screen your activities inside games to report measurements, very similar to what a fitness tracker does. Oculus Quest added another week-by-week goal metric. That allows you to choose how long you’re expecting to turn out in VR every week. It’s likewise allowing you to share Oculus Move workout details. Which you’re glad for to your Facebook timeline, groups, or inside Messenger.

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