Apple submits a set of new measures to end the dispute over the App Store monopoly

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The lawsuit against Apple’s App Store monopoly has become infamous as of late. Recently, the company said that they are making a series of updates and changes to the App Store terms. As per Apple, these new measures will end the issue regarding the app store monopoly disputes.

The new measures taken by the App Store will include letting the developers introduce users to their purchase options outside the iOS Apps and much more. Apple has agreed to maintain the current structure of the App Store Small Business Program. The new measures taken by Apple mention that search results in the App Store will be based on objective characteristics of the apps and it will rely on downloads, star ratings, text relevance, and user behavior signal.

However, this measure only confirms the existing App Store search system bias. Moreover, among its new measures, the company has mentioned that it will affirm that developers can use email or any other form of communication with their users for sharing payment information other than the iOS App.

The developers need not pay Apple for any transactions taking place outside its App Store. Apple will also expand the number of price points used by the developers. The developers of the apps will have full autonomy over setting their prices.

Although the new measure gives the developers some sort of autonomy, Apple will reserve the right for reconsidering the apps that previously did not pass the review process on the grounds of unfair treatment. However, Apple will also bring a new transparency report annually to disclose information regarding the App review process.

Apple will also set up a fund to assist small developers in the US. The developers will get the monetary assistant on the grounds that the total income earned by all apps published in the US does not exceed ten thousand dollars. Details about this fund will be disclosed in the future.

Apple is hoping that the new measures taken by the company will be beneficial to Apple’s small developers around the world. Apple agrees to maintain commission discounts for small and medium developers for at least the next three years. Apple has produced the new measures before the presiding judge who is yet to deliver their judgment over this issue.

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