Blue Origin’s modular transportation model is similar to that of SpaceX

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Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin apparently used modular transportation to install the first stainless steel from Project Jarvis in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and the photos of the prototype that surfaced show that the design is very similar to SpaceX’s super-heavy rocket booster.

The main aim of Project Jarvis is to make a fully reusable upper stage for the “New Glenn” rocket. Few sources claim that the main goal of the project is to reduce the cost of the New Glenn rocket. If Blue Origin wants to compete with Musk’s SpaceX, the company needs to develop a plan which makes the New Glenn fully reusable.

Two important parts of the project – testing the storage tank project and finalization of the second level design – are taking place currently. The engineers at Blue Origin are experimenting with various stainless steel for using it in its storage tanks. These tanks, in the future, need to withstand multiple launches and re-entry. Although stainless steel is able to withstand atmospheric heating better when re-entering the atmosphere, its weight is 5 times that of other composite materials. Notably, Bezos had provided the engineers with such a working environment that is not constrained by paperwork workflow.

On the other hand, another team has been working on developing three different ways to design and load the aircraft. The first step is to install a huge wing on the upper level, the second step is to utilize the Aerospike engine, and the third method is to combine flaps and propulsion combustion to land the aircraft vertically. However, the final decision will be made by the company Blue Origin by the end of 2021.

Whatever the team decides for its final design, the design of the storage tanks in all of the design options will be cylindrical. A source has mentioned that the project is developing rapidly than other projects of Blue Origin.

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