Car owners repair their cars by themselves, as Tesla launches online diagnostic software

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Yusuf Balogun
Yusuf Balogun
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Tesla has unveiled a low-key after-sales service ordering business that might assist Tesla owners with repairs and maintenance. This time, Tesla offered two subscription packages for after-sales servicing.  

The service and maintenance information package, which includes user manuals, tool catalogs, circuit diagrams, and other associated papers, is the first.  

It’s worth noting that, according to a message posted on the Internet by a Tesla owner, Tesla owners had previously been able to view these files. Tesla owners will be able to use the diagnostic software as part of the second membership package. 

Tesla’s diagnostic data were not exposed to American car owners until now, according to the above-mentioned Tesla owner, however, European Tesla owners could utilize the program before then. Tesla introduced the “Vehicle Toolbox” option to European car owners as early as December 2020, allowing them to access vehicle diagnostics and other applications.

The following is the specific content of the service and maintenance information packet, as seen in the image below:

tesla package
Tesla Subscription packages

The diagnostic software package’s contents are as follows, as seen in the below image:

tesla subscription
Tesla pricing details

Tesla’s after-sales service subscription to car owners, according to some, signals that the business may create circumstances for car owners to fix their automobiles on their own.  

Tesla’s “Vehicle Toolbox” feature is available to Tesla customers in the European Union, and it can be seen as a “dress rehearsal” for intentions to market similar services in the US.

Owners of partially recycled Tesla vehicles were able to utilize the supercharger network just a few weeks ago, but this did not last long.  

This outcome could be one of two things. The first is that Tesla’s error made the supercharger available to recycling Tesla vehicles; the second is that Tesla is “testing the waters.”  

The decision to prohibit Tesla vehicles from being repaired, recycled, or reused while using the supercharging network is a foolish one.  

After all, certain non-Tesla electric vehicles are authorized to use the ultra-fast charging service indicated above. 

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