Leading PC brand Acer on Tuesday announced that it is all set to foray into the home entertainment segment in India with the launch of premium smart televisions in September.

The company said it will soon be making its debut in the smart televisions segment under a license to Bengaluru-based Indkal Technologies.

“The need for home entertainment has increased in the past twelve months, thus boosting the demand for televisions. This marks a great time to enter the market with Acer, which is one of the most trusted and reliable brands across markets,” Anand Dubey, CEO, Indkal Technologies, said in a statement.

“As the current surge in sales is expected to grow till Diwali, we will find immense opportunities to showcase the value addition that Acer Televisions will bring to the market and towards improving the overall TV viewing experience,” Dubey, who is responsible for the development, distribution, and support for Acer televisions in India, added.

Acer televisions will be launched at retail through online platforms Amazon and Flipkart across a wide spectrum of sizes ranging from smaller 32-inches to larger sizes such as 70-inches and in a combination of resolutions.

India is expected to share the detailed specifications and pricing soon, the company said.

In India, Acer is popular for its personal computers, gaming laptops, desktops, and other peripheral devices.