Apex Legends update crashing, not loading, other issues and solutions

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Ever since Apex Legends Season 9 Genesis collection went live with its update, it’s been a bittersweet experience for users all over the world. While the update brought along amazing new features as expected, the battle royale-hero shooter game now has several bugs and issues.

The update made some much-needed changes to weapons like Spitfire, the P2020, and the Longbow. It has also added some returning maps and made changes to Revenant.

However, many issues ranging from crashing, not loading, to other error prompts have also managed to tag along with all of the amazing new changes mentioned above.

Now, these issues are not limited to a specific type of user as it cuts across all player platforms/servers (Playstation, PC, and Xbox).

A PS4 user on the Singapore server claimed that a Help glitch or something like that keeps appearing on the screen every 4-5 seconds and says his teammates also shared the same frustrating experience.  

Another PS4 user complained that the bloodhound banner frame is broken and is likely to crash your game. He then called for others to help bring the report to the notice of Respawn so they can fix it.

Several other feedbacks also surfaced with some users not being able to play the game at all. It gets stuck in the process of loading and hangs indefinitely. If it does work eventually, there is usually an abnormally high CPU usage. 

Although the Apex Legends not loading issue appears to be peculiar to PC users, almost all other problems cut across every other platform including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. 

Apex Legends Troubleshooting

Having talked about all these bugs and issues, Respawn has already acknowledged the problems and has been issuing some basic workaround options.

For instance, Respawn did suggest unequipping for the issues related to the “Frag Out” banner frames for Rampart and Bloodhound which is causing crashes.

In fact, Respawn had to temporarily disable the Frag Out banner frames for Rampart and Bloodhound so as to totally fix the bug associated with them.

Although users also came up with workarounds and shared them with others, a lot of these issues have continued to affect players of the game. 

So today September 6, EAHelp has finally come out to provide a workaround for affected users.

EAHelp revealed that it’s fully aware of the errors that players are encountering while trying to play Apex Legends and then gave some troubleshooting options for the users to try. The steps are highlighted below; 

1) Launch Apex Legends

2) While the game is loading – hold down the right analog stick to access the data center

3) Pick a server that’s low ping but different from the one you’re currently in

4) Head into a match 

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