Apple has reportedly filed an updated MagSafe Charger with the FCC which suggests there may be more than one accessory update coming in together with the upcoming iPhone 13. Recall we are less than a week away from Apple’s rumoured unveiling event of the new iPhone 13. And the event which is slated for September 14, 2021 is expected to take place in Cupertino, California.

 According to 9to5Mac reports, the new MagSafe Charger that has just been added to FCC database is model A2548, different from the A2140 that was introduced together with the iPhone 12.  

Although the filings do not really reveal much difference from the older versions of the MagSafe Charger, the documents have pricked some curiosity.  Also there is no real indication of any technical improvements whatsoever over the previous MagSafe Charger versions.

From findings, it has been gathered that the FCC has already tested the new MagSafe Charger with 8 different models of iPhone. Now, the noteworthy part is where the document describes that 4 already known iPhone models which are the; A2341, A2172, A2176, and A2342 of the iPhone 12 series have been tested with the charger. It then went on to say they also tested the charger with another 4 “new phone units”. Most likely, these unknown 4 will be the models of the new and upcoming iPhone 13. 

Some two months ago, rumors surfaced that the iPhone 13 will be coming with much stronger magnets for its own MagSafe technology. Rumors also did suggest that this new MagSafe Charger may have a bigger charging coil that will help to better thermal build-up. If truly so, Apple is expected to take full advantage and make many more updated MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 13 models.

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