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With Apple set to unveil the iPhone 13 in just about 5 days, the iPhone 14 leak is already out and it’s a year early as well. Too early in fact, if we are being honest.

Missing features from the Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max leaks 

Obviously, the design is not so different from what Apple has been doing with its predecessors in recent times, but two distinct features are missing from the leak, indicating that the device will come with no notch and no camera bump. The ‘trademark’ iPhone notch, is completely gone and will be a single center-mounted hole-punch selfie camera. Also, the rear cameras are perfectly leveled with the back of the phone, removing the camera bump that used to be there.

More observable features of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max from the leak

According to the leaked pictures, the phone doesn’t appear too thick and if this leak actually turns out to be the real deal, then it’s definitely a great engineering feat on the part of Apple. You know to achieve such kind of flush cameras, a good amount of internal space must have been used. 

About the missing notch, one would easily want to think that this directly implies that Face ID is gone too, but no, face recognition is still very much available. The leak source says that the rest of the sensors for Face ID will be hidden under the display, just as is in the selfie cams of Androids today that are also under the display. It’s still a little bit too early to be sure of anything, however, a year away is a very long time for a lot of changes and developments in phone production. 

The design really reminds us of iPhone 4, with the round volume buttons and all, so fans of that particular series have a thing to be glad about. Fans of USB-C have seemingly been shunned yet again though, as the bottom port remains Lightning.  

These renders are not in any way connected to Apple themselves, neither is it by anyone who works with the company. So it’s important to note that the information is purely based on art created based on schematics recovered from undisclosed sources.

Therefore, never pay so much attention to all this yet as we are still a whole year away from the actual official introduction of this leaked Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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