Fortnite Hotfix v18.00 Update: All New Features You Need to Know

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Yukesh Prabhu
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Wake up. The Fortnite v18.00 Hotfix update brings in a spanking new item to the island of Fortnite, the Armored Walls. The perpetual amusement is here!. This island is latent mysterious, but exciting to explore, but sailing isn’t the only thing to watch out for; there are many things to keep an eye on. Fortnite Season 2, Chapter 8 landed on the puzzling island on September 13 would have taken off much better.

Item vote:

To bolster our weaponry, Chimpanski is here to foster our island. Fortnite players can cast votes at donation boards to unveil a weapon. Players can unlock new items at POI.

POI is a specific landmark in the Battleground and is spotted inside the coordinate B6. It is a locked dungeon on the lower level of a small wooden shack located on the same island tagged as Unremarkable Shack. To obtain the POI, the player will have to tumble down the walls of the wooden shack or destroy it to enter into the lower level. When an item gets 100% funded, it is straight away unlocked from the Vault and ready to unleash.

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Also, Fortnite is prepped to launch spanking new head-to-head campaigns as the combat against cubes continues in the battle Royale. Players can hit the skies with the Rift To Go and repel back with a Shockwave Launcher; the Shockwave Launcher can be acquired by defeating Kit in Catty Corner.

Armored Wall

Armored Walls are coming later today as a segment of the new Hotfix Update. The new Armored Walls are visiting up the Fortnite island as a part of the Hotfix update. This allows the player to give more resistance and fortify the structure. Armored Walls provide you with rigidity and rigor to your constructed structures. Enemies will find it difficult to destroy your structure, and also players can sequentially increase the HP of their structure. Armored can be found in Supply Drops.

According to the official blog post from Fornite, Armored Wall is considered a trap, meaning you can use it as a trap. To implement this roadway, first and foremost, you will need to dig up the Armored Wall from the supply drops and mount it onto your well-constructed building.

The Wall often derived as fire well will be a suitable tag for it. Armored Wall stats can be found below. 
• Arming Delay: 1.5 
• Durability: 27

Armored Walls will appear in-game at 9 AM ET and 6:30 PM IST on Tuesday, September 21. All the detailed structure hasn’t been revealed yet. However, we are obliged to thank J.B. Chimpanski for the pleasant new feature in the official blog post. 

Fortnite Battle Royale’s fourth birthday

It’s been a mystical four years, “The bus driver’s been dropping people from that Battle Bus for almost four years now”, reads a blog post from fornite. The fourth Fortnite birthday event will go live on September 24 at 9 AM ET 6:30 PM IST to September 28 at 2 AM ET 11:30 AM IST. J.B. Chimpanski always enthralls us with new gifts. Unlike previous birthdays this year, players can unlock Hammer Pickaxe and back bling by completing the birthday quests. We, not only party on birthdays, we party every day with Fortnite hope we catch players’ minds.

However, after the sky fire, dozens of cube chunks were utterly driven off the spaceship and toppled down on the island. There are few cubes to notify on the island aside from multiple Kevin cubes, and a queen cube was spotted on Bluevin and the blue cube. Strangely the queen cubes started to move on along with other cubes. And also, there is a mini-event introduced by the crew tagged as “cube awakening” and occurred in the game. Now players are happened to spot new mini cubes hiding curiously behind the Kevin the big cube.

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