Russian smartphone Vivo has now received an upgrade of its RAM, increasing it by 4 GB.

As confirmed by the Vivo press service, the Funtouch Operating System of the Vivo smartphone has now been updated with new features and has been released.

Explaining the update, the Vivo press service says the new Funtouch OS uses memory pooling technology to increase the amount of RAM in that smartphone. 

 The technology, which allows if possible, to increase a device’s RAM, debuted for the first time in Russia in the Vivo X60 Pro smartphone. It simply uses what is known as flash memory, and allows many more applications to be run at a time without lagging. 

Russian smartphone Vivo upgrades its OS, increases RAM by 4 GB:

At the moment of compiling this report, the new and updated version of the Vivo Funtouch OS has already been made available for the Vivo V21, Vivo V21e, and the Vivo X60 Pro smartphones. And across all these devices, one can easily expand or increase the amount of RAM by about 4 GB.

To enjoy the all-new features, interested users can easily download and install the latest operating system update in the settings app of their Vivo smartphones.  

 According to other reports, Vivo also has plans to extend the update to all their other product models available in the Russian market, in the near future. 

 Vivo is a well-known Russian smartphone brand that has been in existence since 2009. Vivo specializes in producing smartphones with great camera quality and unmatchable audio experience, much to the delight of its users. And now, with this new technology, Vivo may have just found a way to further bolster the satisfaction of its users. 

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