Your Mac won’t boot up for some reason. You may fix it with Disk Utility and with some luck. The real worry is not that you cannot boot up the Mac; what worries you most is the sensitive data you have in your system that is being trapped due to boot-up error.

Instead of panicking and making mistakes, you must take the right steps after encountering such a problem. The first step would be to stop using the system to not further damage the software and hardware components.

And once you have isolated the system, the next step would be to look for a resolution that can help you get back your trapped data inside a MacBook not turning on. Are there ways to recover your data from such a scenario? Fortunately, there are!

Recover data from an unbootable MacBook

There are different ways that offer data recovery solutions when the MacBook won’t turn on. Among all the different solutions, we have handpicked some of the promising solutions trusted by many.

1. Recover data using time machine

Whenever there are any data loss scenarios, the first place a user looms for the data is in the backups. And in the case of Mac users, Time Machine. A Time Machine is an in-built backup system that backs up all the data present in the device. However, to use this method, you need to have an external backup drive and ensure that the data you lost is in the backups.

  • Enter macOS Recovery mode
  • Choose Restore from Time Machine Backup in the utility folder and click Continue
  • Connect your external backup drive with the Mac
  • Click Continue
  • Now select the backups you want to restore in Time Machine and Continue
  • Choose a location for your recovered data, click Continue
  • Erase the disk you select above and click Restore

However, what’s bad news for most users is that they don’t take regular backups. So, when an emergency occurs, how to save their precious data? Let’s move to the second but the most effective way to recover data when your Mac won’t turn on.

2. Recover data using iBoysoft data recovery tool

Another way of making things work out for you is by using data recovery software. Data recovery tools are powered by complex algorithms and are capable of accessing the data.

We would like to recommend iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac as that is what we are using right now. It is the most comprehensive software with all the features you need for data recovery.

Before starting with the data recovery, you must understand that you cannot download iBoysoft software on unbootable devices. So, you need to enter macOS Recovery mode and use the command line to download this software first, then you can use it as usual. Here are the brief steps.

Step1: Boot your Mac into recovery mode by following this detailed picture.

Step 2: Make your Mac internet-connected since this method requires downloading.

Step 3: Click Terminal from Utilities drop-down menu.

Step 4: Type in the below command. It will launch iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac in macOS Recovery mode.

sh <(curl

Step 5: Select the Mac hard drive when you enter the software interface.

Step 6: Click Scan. When the scanning results show up, you can preview and filter the files to better find the files you want to recover.

Step 7: Click Recover. Remember to save your recovered files in a different location.


Booting up errors is common when you are using a Mac system. Hence, you must have a data backup strategy to effectively get hold of the sensitive data. If you can effectively manage your data, you won’t have to go through such tiresome processes to recover your data.

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