On October 12, according to Patently Apple, the U.S.-based tech giant, Apple has won a new patent right for Audio Based Presence detection. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent right earlier today.

The new outline in the patent shows that the patent includes the process and system of the new audio-based presence detection. If two or more devices and users reach an audible zone, for instance, if a user is in the same place or a room based on audio. The device can automatically adapt the mode in which it processes the audio. Let’s take a look at an example for a clear explanation.

If two or more users perchance on a conference call with each other. In situations like this, multiple users can be in communication with each other through mobiles. At a juncture, a secondary user can enter a contact that a first user is partaking in. Now both exist on the same wire. During the call, the user entered as secondary can enter the same building as the second user.

The patent example also hints to us that if the multiple users draw closer on that occasion, the first user who initially started the communication can hear the second user’s voice. In this situation, the first user can be able to put off the second user’s voice. And also, network connectivity plays a pivotal role in the call. Relying on the network bandwidth, there may be discernible procrastination betwixt the second user’s voice through the first user’s machine.

In addition, according to Patently Apple, this procrastination in communication can cause an irksome echo effect in the first user device or physical space. Synchronously, the first user’s machine can decipher the propinquity of the secondary user and alter the audio signal process to shut down the audio signal.

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