We use electronic devices on a daily basis, with an app for everything, we often feel lost without a smartphone in our hands. In the room you are in right now you probably have a multitude of devices such as a tablet, a laptop, a TV, or a phone. We spend a fortune on such gadgets but you do not have to spend so much on your electronics – here are a few tips for how you can save.

Buy parts instead of replacements

When your device is no longer working its best, do not just throw it out and buy a new one – fix it. You can update your software or buy extra memory by purchasing an external hard drive or by replacing the components if needed. Check out when you can buy parts like the electronic component distributor, Sourcengine, and replace only the bits that need replacing.

Buy refurbished electronics

Usually, refurbished items will be restored to be as good as new whilst being massively cheaper than a new device. The definition of refurbished can vary from store to store so it is important to know exactly what has been done before purchasing said device. Alternatively, you can find huge discounts on discontinued or older versions of products in clearance.

Buy floor or display models

The floor models that they display in the store are available to purchase at a hugely discounted price. Obviously, you should check the item thoroughly before buying it – it may have some small bumps or scratches, but you need to ensure there is no significant damage or too many marks. You should also be mindful of whether you have received all the accessories that go with it. You can also purchase “open-box items” that are products that have been returned to the store without being used by the previous owner, these are usually priced much lower than full-priced items.

Comparison shop

Always check the price of electronics online as you can usually find them much cheaper than in stores. You can also make price comparisons a lot quicker by searching through a number of sites in a matter of minutes. You probably will not have to worry about shipping costs as companies often do not charge shipping for orders over a certain amount, a price bracket most electronic devices will be likely to meet. 

Do not worry about the extra warranty

Most of the time, an extended warranty is an unnecessary cost. Most electronics will function far beyond the time of their warranty and new items are extremely unlikely to new any repairs. If you think you will need to make use of the warranty, then perhaps the quality of the product is not what it should be and you should try for a brand you can trust to be more reliable. In addition, some stores will automatically lengthen your warranty anyway and a lot of brands offer free warranties that come with your purchase and the extra warranty is just a waste of money.

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