On October 19th, Apple conducted a new product launch event named “come to bomb the field.” A new generation of MacBook Pro powered with M1 pro or M1 Max chips, a new gleaming Airpods 3, and bright colors to choose from HomePod mini is introduced in the event.

In addition, Apple’s official website exhibited the MacBook Pro Liu Haiping version iPhone Liu Haiping mobile doll. Users can view the AR version of the MacBook pro through the safari browser on iPhone and iPad.

According to Tiger Sniff. Com chief executive officer and founder of Chinese-based tech firm Smartisan Luo Yonghao’s “WeChat circle of friends came out sharply.” He added that “in addition to wireless noise reduction headphones, other routine upgrades in the past ten years can be summed up with only one sentence: uglier, more expensive, and more nonsense. Ugh”. The “bangs” design of the new MacBook Pro has aroused ridicule from many netizens on social media. Some users directly expressed their disgust, calling it “ugly bangs.” What’s more, they directly spoofed Apple CEO Tim Cook and put a piece of “bangs” on Cook’s forehead.

Apple unveiled the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro notebooks in the new product launch event. The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros are the first Apple notebooks to feature mini-LED screen technology; this is similar to the one you have seen in the OLED display technology. 

This new mini-LED offers crispy image contrast and more excellent dynamic range. The display provides a 120Hz refresh rate. The 16-inch Apple notebook model has a 16.2-inch active area with 7.7 million pixels, while on the flips side, the 14-inch model offers a 14.2-functionalize space with 5.9 megapixels. Apple MacBook uses a TouchID sensor.

Since the Apple new notebook uses the M1 pro and M1 max chips, Both can be equipped with 10 CPU cores; the Pro can have a 14 or 16-core GPU, while the M1 Max has 24 and 32-core GPU options.

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