Mavic 3 which is the latest flagship drone made by the company DJI is expected to launch on November 5; ahead of its designated launch, the drone has made an appearance online. Some photos related to the drone have also surfaced which is an indication that the Mavic 3 shipments have started to reach dealers.

The latest photo to leak the drone perfectly shows the top and the underside of the drone. These pictures also showcase the new dual-camera module on the drone itself.

Following the leaking of the pictures, some reports have highlighted the sleek arms of the Mavic 3. The propellers of the drone have changed considerably. The tip of the propellers on the previous version of the drone had slight curves which are no longer visible on the new model. Instead, DJI has made the propeller a bit longer than before.

The overall design of the drone has undergone a significant amount of change. However, it is hardly unlikely that DJI would simply choose to change the design just because it is launching a new generation of drones. But the new aerodynamic design is supposed to make the flight much quieter while increasing the efficiency of the drone.

One of the reasons why drones make so much noise is because their propellers cut through the air quickly which causes vibrations which, in turn, causes the noise. If the drones are smaller in design, the propellers need to rotate faster to keep the drone floating in the air. Additionally, the spinning propellers pass over the arms of the drone creating a temporary pressure wave in the area. To make the drone quieter it becomes imperative that the arms of the drones become thinner. The thinner arms of DJI Mavic 3 is probably why the drone has been able to lower the noise.

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