Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, cybercrime has increased by 600%. Cybercriminals often target large companies, small firms, and startups when deploying ransomware and other types of malware. Securing your company’s privileged data has never been more crucial. Gladly, the advent of virtual data rooms has dramatically improved how confidential information is managed and stored.

You might be wondering: what’s a data room? Well, it’s a secure space that’s mainly used to store a company’s private data. There’s an array of software applications that you can utilize to build a robust data room. Check out this comprehensive Data Room Software List to learn more about how you can choose a reliable VDR provider.

Here are 4 reasons why you need software to build a data room:

  1. To allow collaboration among team members

If you’re working on a specific project as a team, then it might help to have a VDR. Virtual data rooms are essentially online storage spaces that provide users with an assortment of functionalities. For instance, teammates can work on a single project concurrently and upload their progress onto a data room. This enhances collaboration, allowing project managers to meet deadlines and hit milestones on time. You’ll certainly need to choose the right software if you’re keen on building a sturdy data room.

  1. To get user-friendly controls

Apart from providing a safe environment to store your documents, virtual data rooms should be user-friendly. That’s why it is vital to request a limited trial period to test your preferred VDR before subscribing to it. This will also allow you to gauge how easy it is to maneuver around different controls. It’s important for VDR providers to offer a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for individuals to view, manage and share documents.

  1. To enhance data security

It’s estimated that 98% of all mobile phone malware attacks happen on Android devices. With more and more cybercriminals targeting smartphones, tablets, and personal computers, there’s a greater need to protect ourselves fully. VDR software is equipped with several security layers that make their security firewall impenetrable. Some of these security features include document watermarks, multi-step authentication, and restricted viewing. Other data rooms even feature some advanced functionalities such as file redaction and Q&A modules. This way, all your data will be protected from any brute force attacks launched by hackers and cybercriminals.

  1. To receive impeccable customer service

Another reason you may need software to build an impregnable data room is to be guaranteed of a responsive customer service team. It’s no secret that customers’ needs should always come first. However, some VDR providers are not too keen on this aspect. They may either take ages to respond to your inquiries or provide unsatisfactory services. Therefore, ensure that your preferred VDR vendor has excellent customer service technicians who not only have a deep knowledge base but also provide help whenever you need it. A highly responsive team will ensure that you never lose any deals.

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