On November 3, American tech giant, Apple has started to negotiate with South Korea’s based mobile manufacturer Samsung for OLED panels on iPads and Macbooks. OLED iPad will debut at the end of 2023 or early 2024. In the interim, OLED Macbook is planned to be unleashed in 2025, but due to some technical issues, OLED Macbook could be delayed more.

Few reports suggest that it would be trickiest for Apple if they would desire to take off with OLED applications as the production cost are higher compared with ordinary ones. Apple embraces double-layer structure in OLED panel, which Apple bought from Samsung and LG. To extend the life span of the board, Apple has shifted the highest card in the deck, accumulating the layers would also result in the material cost seems higher-ups.

Apple has incarcerated between rock bottoms, and also this inventiveness requires TFT technology as a pixel switch, Thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display involves in the OLED panel process to improve image quality presence including addressability and contrast, because of this, Low-temperature polycrystalline silicon must be used, howbeit this technology requires 15 to 16 masks in the production process, only to increase the cost of the production.

Apple’s conclusions on its OLED panel application avenue may predominantly affect Samsung Display and LG Display’s upcoming outlay. In addition, Apple’s final decision about its OLED panel on iPad and Macbooks would coerce Samsung Display to construct a new production line. They are currently manufacturing OLED panels for tablets and notebooks on its A2 production line, which uses a single-layer structure and LTPS TFT. World’sNo:1 OLED display manufacturer LG display can manufacture OLED panels for tablets and PCs, considering its current capacity, and it needs to develop its product range for Apple.

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