Some researchers at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) have developed a new form of high-tech fabric that foreshadows the future of clothing that can “speak” to one another and be purchased by high-fiving or waving their arms.

It’s yet another significant step forward for Near Field Communication, which extends the range of wireless transmission technology from a few inches to almost four feet.

According to paper co-author of the study Peter Tseng Solutions, while explaining the new NFC fabrics, said:

“If you put your smartphone or card near the reader to pay for consumer shopping, you have use of the near-field signal technology to our fabric based on the same principle. But we have greatly expanded the scope. This means that you may put your mobile phone in your pocket, just swipe your body with other textiles or readers, and the power and information can be transmitted to or from your device On your device.”

Unlike other smart fabrics that rely on continuous hardwire connections, the UCI team’s solution is battery-free and uses copper and aluminum etched foil components to convey messages via magnetic induction.

These parts are similar to “tracks” in that they provide mechanical flexibility to a garment while also allowing signals to be communicated to other garments.

Pants, for example, can track leg motions and send the information to a shirt that monitors heart rate. This material can also be included in hospital gowns to complete the work of numerous patient sensors placed around the body, to make payments with a sweep of the sleeves, or to share digital information with others wearing the same functional clothing.

However, according to the lead author of the research paper, Amirhossein Hajiaghajani, said:

“With our fabric, as long as you hover the clothes on a wireless reader, the electronic device will establish a signal, so you can share information by simply high-fiving or shaking hands. . You will no longer need to manually unlock your car with a key or a separate wireless device, and your body will become a badge to open the door of the facility.”

As the basic metamaterials of the new wireless communication technology, they can be created at minimal cost and easily adjusted in size, according to scientists. They can also be hot-pressed about current clothes, saving money on future clothing costs.

“Our textiles are easy to construct and may be mixed and matched to create unique wearable designs. We aspire to produce designs that are not only stylish and affordable but also lessen the impact of modern technological devices on our daily lives.” Hajiaghajani added. 

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