Weimar Introduced M7 and W6 at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 19

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Weimar introduced its pure electric sedan M7, smart electric car parking expert W6, and other models at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 19, 2021.

The M7 is equipped with world-class smart driving perception hardware, 3 autonomous zoom high-precision super-view solid-state lidars, and 78 MP cameras. The intelligent driving technology is based on Orin X, and it provides a “full-scenario parking-urban road-intercity high-speed” car scene.

Moreover, the automaker has also equipped the smart car with the touch shift design, which is integrated into the steering wheel. The driver can shift gears without even having to take their hands off the steering wheel.

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Weimar has also made sure that the interior and the overall design of the M7 appeal to the consumers’ taste. The car features panoramic glass that spreads over 2.8 square meters. The glass is equipped with nano silver-plated heat-insulation which ensures that it can reflect far-infrared heat radiation. Moreover, the glass also keeps the indoor heat at a constant temperature.

Weimar is expected to mass-produce the car very soon, and the delivery of the car is supposed to start in 2022.

At the same conference, Weimar also introduced the W6 which comes with the Living Mate 3.3 version. One of the major skills of this smart car is that the user can park the car hassle-free and without much trouble even in difficult parking spaces.

W6’s custom scene programming or SOA has over 20 command options, a “remote control operation” function. The car also comes with what the company has termed “one sentence three links”; however, the company is yet to expand on this feature. Weimar has collaborated with Renaco to customize the listening environment inside the car based on the W6 cockpit layout and its other audio characteristics so that the hearing, inside the car, becomes more immersive.

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