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Let’s call off everything we have planned earlier unless you are not in a deadline, rotate the wheel of pattern, travel back to those days of yesteryear except outdoor games, every newbie player would have had a great time playing games in PlayStation one, and it could be the day we’d love to cherish for a lifetime, powerful, evocative days likely to be, let’s come to a place, mostly you would have played Chrono Cross at least once in your lifetime, seemingly Chrono Cross collaboration is possibly coming up soon in Another Eden a free-to-play RPG for PC and Android developed by WFS Inc.

This could leave gamers utterly flabbergasted, perhaps not. Some users of Another Eden have spotted files in the latest Another Eden update that makes gamers believe in Chrono Cross characters coming to the game. Gamers ostensibly excavated the game files and gathered a great reference to multiple Chrono Cross characters, including Serge, Kid, Lucca, Harle, Chrono, Schala.

Past activities leave a trace in the files. The deep examination will bring more; it is also unveiled that Another Eden throws away multiple timelines that will probably carry a sprinkling of Chrono Cross worlds into Another Eden. Gamers have speculated that these Chrono Cross worlds will lead the Story chapters and fantasy realm from the nostalgic game. This will include Baruki, Karek Swampland, Beast King’s Attack, Space-time Rift, and more. While decoding all this information would end up with the confirmation of Another Eden and Chrono Cross Collaboration, We can reaffirm that the collaboration will happen at the bang on time.

Moreover, the big question happens to travel in a bus when we think about the latest remaster speculation, could Another Eden collaboration hint at Chrono Cross remaster? The collaboration will occur according to the period or commemorate a game’s anniversary or maybe a re-release. We know that Chrono Cross Remaster is now the big surprise IP that many leakers hint at is the game being worked on. If this collaboration is tied up to the remaster, the announcement will undoubtedly be a tremendous plus thunderbolt for gamers. Another thing that needs to be noted down the creative team behind Another Eden is veteran creators who worked on Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.

We can presumably make a statement that these creators could tirelessly work on something big in Another Eden to celebrate Chrono Cross to make the game known for today’s kids. But the huge question mark is when is the Remastered version going to be released? Hope for an early announcement, Or else we will have to wait till The Game Awards are scheduled to happen in December.

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