Xiaomi reveals the patent for its autonomous driving technology

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It has been clear to everyone that every major tech company is jumping the bandwagon to join the ever-expanding branch of self-driving cars. Ranging from Apple to Huawei: every company had started developing their own self-driving technology, and the consumers are waiting for the self-driving cars to be mass-produced.

Another Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi is not far behind. In fact, there were many updates on Xiaomi’s self-driving technology, and the company has officially revealed that the company will start the mass production stage for the same in 2024. But Xiaomi is constantly adding more improvements to this area, and according to the Qicha App, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. has recently announced a patent called “autonomous driving control methods, equipment and storage media.”

The patent specification reveals that autonomous driving technology is what every major company is eyeing right now in the current automotive industry. As per SAE’s autonomous driving classification, the technology is divided into six autonomous driving levs starting from L0 up to L5.

The L0 refers to vehicles sans any autonomous driving functions, the L1 and L2 level autopilot is a driving assistance system, L3 level autopilot could be called a quasi-autonomous driving system, and finally the L4 and L5 level autopilot could be a truly autopilot system.

The patent reveals an automatic driving system, device, and storage medium. The present patent also reveals how the system controls the target vehicle to drive automatically as per the usual auto-driving capabilities level. Moreover, the technology also ensures that the current road level adjusts the self-driving ability level so that the vehicle can carry out the function of automatic driving.

As of now, the degree of automation of automatic driving of vehicles is not very high which means that it directly affects the user experience, but according to the latest patent made public by Xiaomi, the degree of automation of automatic driving is high, making the user experience better than before.

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