Huawei unveils smart gas station solutions

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Yusuf Balogun
Yusuf Balogun
Yusuf is an aspiring Journalist and Health law expert with a special focus on technology innovations. He is a guest writer at Qwenu and Deputy Editor-in-chief of Gamji Press.

Today, the Chinese multinational technology corporation, Huawei has unveiled smart gas station solutions for refueling, payment automation, and smart large screen display member information.


According to Huawei China, the mobile phone screen will display the owner’s information, the fuel dispenser, and the gasoline model in the smart gas station solution.


You don’t have to get out of the car and go to a convenience store to pay after refueling. Instead, you can tap on the phone screen to select cash, fuel card, bank card, WeChat, and Alipay. As well as other payment options.


The Huawei Atlas500 smart station and SDC software-defined camera bring cutting-edge smart brains to gas stations, acting as “smart sentry.”


It can properly collect and identify all of the distinguishing characteristics of inbound cars, such as license plates, vehicle emblems, models, colors, and perform intelligent analysis, accurately correlating the “vehicle-lane-fuel gun,” in order to achieve refueling and payment automation.


If a registered member car enters the smart gas station, the smart large screen will display the member’s basic information and fuelling habits, such as fuel product, amount, and so on, and will automatically assign available fuel guns. If the fuel station is busy, the car owner can take the gun and refuel without having to wait.


The owner can drive away immediately after refueling, the system will automatically pay according to the amount of refueling, and the owner can generate an electronic invoice in the App or Mini Program.


Additionally, the most recent discounts on non-fuel products, as well as the tailored one-person-one-car precise push for each owner, will be displayed here.

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