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Today, the South Korean smartphones manufacturer, Samsung, has revealed its intention to unveil EVs in India in a few months. Samsung is known for its wide range of electronics, smartphones, SSDs, and displays and now it is probably stepping up in manufacturing Electric vehicles. Diving into the automobile industry is a major step taken by the South Korean firm as there are already numerous outstanding firms in the market.

A Twitter post shared by Mukul Sharma, early this morning revealed that the trademark status of the EVs has now been objected to by the tech giant company.

The Samsung EVs application date was on 17th September 2018 and the application number is 4095167, as contained in the image attached in Mukul Sharma Twitter post.

The image further revealed the product’s description as connected vehicles; driverless cars autonomous cars; parts and fittings for autonomous vehicles, electric reversing alarms for vehicles incorporating parking assistance apparatus with review and rearview sensors.

And finally, the Samsung EVs are an anti-theft warning apparatus for motor cars with software and hardware for the internet of things.

The EV proponents frequently debunk two misunderstandings about our electric infrastructure’s ability to sustain a large number of EVs. The first suggests that as the number of electric vehicles grows, utilities will be unable to meet the demand.

On the contrary, these businesses have no trouble supplying electricity to EV buyers, assuming that the majority of them charge their vehicles overnight. Because demand is lowest, surplus generation capacity remains unused at this time.

Many utilities already offer discounted rates for off-peak energy use, and every EV on the market today allows you to schedule charging – so you can plug in your car when you park and wait for the lower rate to kick in.

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