Huawei introduces HAERS Smart Water Bottle with HarmonyOS

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The Chinese tech giant has launched the HAERS Smart Water Bottle. The smart bottle runs on Huawei’s very own HarmonyOS Connect. Moreover, the bottle also features a few other smart options.

After the company experienced one of the most brutal sanctions regimes against it, the company is still trying to recover from the losses it faced during that time. In order to pull the company out of the loss, the company had started to rebound across various sections by opening up new businesses and offering new products and devices. The production of the smart water bottler aligns with this intent of Huawei.

Huawei’s homegrown HarmonyOS has branched out to various different products, and now it has been associated with the Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle.

The smart water bottle operates using the Harmony OS which means that the bottle offers a range of digital functions. The bottle comes with a customizable design and will remind the users to drink from the bottle if a reminder of the same is set up by the user.

The users can use the bottle to store a wide variety of liquids, including but not limited to milk, water, juice, cola, coffee etc. The inside of the bottle possesses the antibacterial capability, and the bottle can preserve things for up to 12 hours.

Huawei has also introduced an app that supports the function of the smart water bottle. The users can use HarmonyOS Connect which will provide the users with drinking reminders. The users can also choose to display personalized inscriptions written using the mobile app. The bottle comes equipped with a built-in three-axis motion sensor that can detect drinking actions.

The HAERS Smart Water Bottle is available for sale in China through the Vmall online store, and Jingdong at the starting price of 139 yuan.

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