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Today, the Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi has officially announced the unveiling of a new Mi TV Speaker 3.1 equipped with 430W power for 1499 yuan pricing. The new Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker 3.1 is made in order to bring a shocking listening experience to theaters.

Features and Functionality

The new Xiaomi audio package includes a long strip of speakers with a maximum output of 180W and a subwoofer with a maximum output of 250W, as well as three full-range speakers, three tweeters, and one independent subwoofer for a total of seven sound units.

The small changes in sound can be perceived without distortion in the wide sound range of 43Hz-20kHz. You can hear the details of the sound whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie. The gentle chant of the flute in the distance can be heard clearly even through the wonderful symphony.

The independent center channel effectively improves the spatial positioning and clarity of the human voice while greatly widening the spatial sound field, and the characters in the play are close to the ears.

The 6.5-inch large-caliber subwoofer has a 15L super-large sound chamber and 250W high power, delivering exceptional 43Hz low-frequency performance and reverberation atmosphere, enhancing the bass and making every sound stunning.

Music, movies, news, and games are all supported with the new Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker 3.1. It also contains AI sound effects that change to the adaptation mode based on the presently playing audio content, making the listening experience smarter and more convenient.

The new speaker can also adapt to the audio interface of a variety of devices and can be connected to TV, laptop, game console among others. The Xiaomi’s Mi TV Speaker 3.1 also features Bluetooth 5.0, a wireless connection that eliminates wiring clutter while delivering high-speed, reliable, and lossless music transmission.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker 3.1 supports NFC one-touch sound transmission. Simply place your smartphone in the NFC area of the soundbar, and the music on your phone will be instantly transmitted to the speaker for playback.

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