Google Santa Tracker unveiled annual Santa Tracking page for children

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Yusuf Balogun
Yusuf Balogun
Yusuf is an aspiring Journalist and Health law expert with a special focus on technology innovations. He is a guest writer at Qwenu and Deputy Editor-in-chief of Gamji Press.

Today, the annual Christmas-themed entertainment website, Google Santa Tracker has officially announced the unveiling of the new annual Santa Tracking page on time that enables adults and children to track the journey of Santa Claus from the North Pole around the world in real-time.

The Google Santa Tracker app maintains the company’s 18-year tradition of letting thrilled kids and parents track Santa’s whereabouts on December 24th. To complete the voyage, children can follow Santa Claus and his reindeer.

In fulfilling her tradition, the entertainment website is currently preparing to deliver gifts to children around the world.

If your children believe in Santa Claus, Google has unveiled the annual Santa Tracking page, which allows adults and children to follow Santa Claus’ voyage from the North Pole around the world in real-time.

At the moment, children can now access Google’s Santa tracker website @, which gives a real-time map of Santa’s present location, using the web browser on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. 

One-stop, a live video of his travel, and an estimate of when he’ll reach each spot.

The website also includes images of places Santa has visited, a live tally of gifts delivered, and the distance Santa Claus is now from your location.

There are also various activities to play, creativity to display during the festival, and video materials relevant to the event.

There are many other Santa tracking programs accessible. The North American Air Defense Command, for example, has been watching Santa’s app and website for children for decades, but Google’s website is usually the most dynamic and thorough.

The Google Santa Tracker is a yearly Christmas-themed entertainment website created by Google that simulates the tracking of the renowned character Santa Claus on Christmas Eve using predefined GPS data. It was initially introduced in 2004.

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