Krafton introduces device bans to curb cheating in Battlegrounds Mobile India

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Krafton has announced that the company will take stricter measures to curb hacking or cheating in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The new rules dictate that when in violation, the developers will ban the device itself instead of banning the associated account which was the case previously. The official statement which places the new rules reads, “If the use of illegal programs is detected with a mobile device by the newly applied security logic, the device will be permanently banned from using BGMI.”

The previous rule for cheating or hacking was that anyone who was caught using illegal means would get their accounts permanently banned. However, the effectiveness of this rule was always in question. The hackers would simply create a new account and start playing the game on their respective devices. The new device ban dictates that anyone who is caught using illegal software will no longer be able to play the game using the same device. Although this makes it harder for the hackers to cheat their way through the game, the new rules, again, are not completely ironclad.

The hacker might as well buy a new device, and start playing the game on that device. But the new rules do restrict some aspects of cheating since they can dissuade the hacker from cheating in the game. Investing in a new device for the sole purpose of playing the game again could prove to be tiresome for most cheaters.

Almost every week the developers of Battlegrounds Mobile India ban hundreds of thousands of accounts. According to Krafton, it has banned nearly 100,000 accounts almost a week, and that a total of 99.583 accounts were banned between December 13 and December 19. Moreover, Krafton will implement permanent bans for even first-time offenders. Additionally, the developers will also manually verify and ban accounts that are used to promote illegal programs, and it will work alongside YouTube to block channels that promote the use of illegal programs.

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