Musk replies to Dorsey commemorating the 13th anniversary of Bitcoin

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Twitter’s former CEO Jack Dorsey took to Twitter to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the genesis block of Bitcoin; following the Twitter spat over Web3, Musk again responded to Dorsey’s tweet.

Musk tweeted in reply to Dorsey’s tweet that the post reminded Musk of the edited version of the game, Genesis 5: Fighter of Destiny. However, most people seem to think of the Twitter reply simply as being amusing. In his tweet, he not only commemorated the classic game Genesis 5, but he also tried to link the birth of the Bitcoin creation back to the classic games.

Elon Musk’s views on Bitcoin have been a site of hot debates. More people seem to think that Musk holds an ambivalent position over Bitcoin while others believe that Musk is the creator of Bitcoin and that he secretly is Satoshi Nakamoto.

The storyline of the classic game that Musk mentioned is very similar to the path that Bitcoin has to take. Moreover, Genesis 5 comes with big twists and plots, and the game often comes across bridges such as “Originally though A, but actually B, but in reality it is A and B.”   

The game players are committed to shaping their hidden identities through combat enhancement and skill upgrades in a virtual world. Moreover, the virtual space of the game where it takes place is fairly large which means that the game also offers an interactive session with the players, and the players are presented with many choices and endings.

Some netizens also believe that Musk is probably cheating while playing the game because the special edition of the game, which Musk mentioned in his reply, is used to manipulate the basic data in the game, thereby it helps the players to achieve cheating in the game. Even in 2016, Musk mentioned that Genesis was his favorite childhood game.

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