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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more couples have found themselves gaming together. And research shows it’s been great for their relationships!

There are many gaming options available, from consoles to mobile games. You should choose the best game for your relationship based on how much time you have and your interests.

Keep reading for the best phone games for couples that’ll keep you laughing and entertained for hours.


Scrabble, or any of the other Scrabble-type smartphone games available, can be fun and exciting. This one can be sweet or spicy, leaving couples continuously entertained.

You can make up your own rules or play the traditional game. Either way, it’s a guaranteed fun time for couples who enjoy a little competition while using brainpower.

Draw Something

Can trying to figure out someone’s drawing be any more fun than it already is? Imagine a game like an online Pictionary. There are many drawing games available for you to choose from.


GameMine has over 1,000 different games available, so finding one that interests both you and your partner shouldn’t be a problem. The available games range from puzzles to action and adventure.


This game combines brainpower and texting speed into a battle to see who can come up with the longest words and type the fastest. This is a great option for couples who don’t mind competition and are quick to think. There are different levels available, ranging from easy to more advanced.


Test your knowledge with one of the best phone app games out there! Online trivia games have a variety of categories to choose from and can be an existing way to game with your partner. This option could also have you competing against other couples so you can show the world what a dynamic duo you two are.

Guess The Song

Any music-loving couples out there? This game is for you! Each player has a screen that allows you to guess the song and artist. The goal is to be quicker than your opponent. The app offers the ability to choose from several genres.

Sports-Based Games

This one is more of an overall category instead of a specific game. There are options available for football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and golf. Any of these types of games would be great for sports-loving couples.

Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle 2 is the more complex, online version of Battleship. You can choose your model and get started to increase your ranking. You gain points for sinking your opponent’s ships.

Best Phone Games for Couples: Which Will You Choose?

Will you go with a competitive game that’ll leave both of you a little tense and extremely focused? Or will you pick a game that’s more laidback and relaxing to spend your time on?

Pick your next, or next few, best phone games for couples today and get to playing!

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