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CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk taking off another spectacular journey ahead of his road, the Time Magazine 2021 person of the year, Elon posted the first video glimpse after a couple of thought-provoking concepts of the SpaceX starship launch and catch tower.

The spectacular edifice could snatch rocket as it visits back to Earth after a steely extortionate traverse to space. The tower’s height is approximately 140m with a stretched hand like the design on the side, which is expected to lift the rocket. The company has withdrawn Starbase’s rocket-capturing gigantic tower wing to new frontiers after releasing a few proof trails.

Elon musk shared the bewildering drone clips of the catching tower with his Twitter friends on Monday. As we saw the video, we could instantaneously judge it as a lone stand demonstration of gargantuan construction middle of the abandoned land. Elon Musk isn’t a stranger to taking a touch-and-go project since his existence; the very same concept impeccably goes to the SpaceX starship project and might be the riskiest plan for the company. At the same time, the success of the ground plan would end up with sending humans to the moon or even Mars as Elon musk desired. However, another bankruptcy is also in the sleeves of Musk if uncertainties play a great role against the firm. Previously, Elon had said to his Twitter followers; Starship would start its firing and launch of commercial rockets in early 2022; the time has come to do so on.

Elon musk said, “SpaceX will try to catch the largest spaceship in history with robotic chopsticks. I don’t guarantee success, but it will be fun”. Moreover, unlike Falcon 9 rockets from SpaceX that reiterate by landing it on earth with the great help of landing legs which is the main reason behind the success of SpaceX throughout the years, Starship’s powerful Booster rocket does not design with landing legs. Perhaps in the future, the particular procedure of catching projectiles on the Starship spacecraft will happen solely with the help of Mechazilla. 

The first space launch or commercial firing rockets will likely happen earlier in March this year. Most importantly, on Sunday, a third colossal trial took place in the stands; optimized the critical points of the wings.

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