Raspberry Pi can detect malware using the computer’s EW

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Researchers have trained a Raspberry Pi to detect malware that is actively engaging with its victims. The malware makes use of the electromagnetic waves coming from the potential victim’s computer to detect the malware. The researchers behind Raspberry Pi claimed that the accuracy rate is as high as 99.82% which is extremely accurate.

The researchers behind this invention are from the Research Institute of Computer Science and Random Systems (IRISA). What is the most exciting thing about this malware detection system is that it does not require the interception of any software to detect malware, nor does it investigate the data packets flowing in and out of any computer. Rather, as mentioned above, the malware detection system detects the malware using specific electromagnetic waves. 

The researchers from the institute connected a Raspberry Pi to an oscilloscope (Picoscope 6407) and an H-field probe that detects the EM field changes. Tom’s Hardware explained that the researchers trained the Single Board Computer or the SBC “with both safe and malicious data sets to help define the parameters of a potential threat.”

What it means in layman’s terms is that the researchers taught the system to recognize the unusual patterns of EV emanating from computers whenever the computers are attacked by malware. The test results show that the Raspberry Pi has an accuracy rate of 99.82%. 

One of the biggest advantages of using this malware detection system is that it is an external monitoring system which means that the people who would be willing to use this system need not install any software on their computers. This way this malware detection system remains completely immune to the countermeasures that might have been taken by the malware. 

Although the test results of the system have yielded positive results more testing would be done to furthermore modify the system. 

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