It can be taken that fantasy games might have the possibility to pick the pace in a quick conversion rate compared to nonfiction games, mainly because of the hefty amount of audience who loves to escape from reality. Peculiarly in China, the fantasy yet rapier-like story tale game “Honor of Kings” attracted so many gamers like a magnet, even the game “Honor of Kings” has bestowed as the first mobile game ever to reach the $10 billion mark in total player revenue.

Considering its popularity and novelty, whenever the game persists with some chaos, it might even be a tiny problem; however, it could reach the shore to shores and hit a massive number of players. Moreover, the expectation is also set high when it comes to the game update or, in the worse, the game problem. Furthermore, the situation in the server won’t approach the gamers very often.

Unfortunately, today afternoon as numerous gamers started to trend the topic #Gloryofkingcollapsed. The particular hashtag had picked up the pace before it popped up in the top five of the search list, unlike previous which had involved more number of players into the server error, the new problem puts under the list with a report that players claims are the server of “Honor of Kings” was predicted deviating, players who opened the game with much joy waiting in the lobby on a company of loading rotating icon which is the greatest foe of every gamer, after losing the patience waiting in the loading interface and could enter the game, players started to queue on the internet with a bunch of screenshots to call out the officials to look into the chaos.

“Honor of Kings” officials haven’t given much time to discover the problem that puts the players into trouble. The official stated that “we have received a great number reports that some users encountering uncommon login problems and we will promptly look to address the issue” given the fact that the quintessential team behind “Honor of Kings” wields the user’s problem as firefighters meaning very rapid so that it could come to average level soon. As it has been said, it’s not much longer than half an hour before Honor’s official Weibo posted, “The problem has been resolved so far, and the abnormal summoner can try to log in again. At the same time, we will offer skin fragments * 3 + battle order experience * 6000 as compensation .”

So, users who have been facing this issue can visit the lobby once again to enjoy the fantasy world.

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