Oscar Issac’s clasps madness has arrived, alongside a dark new trailer, the production house Marvel has unveiled the official spanking new poster of the Moon Knight introduced to fans during the NFL Super wild Card Match between Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams.

The lunacy of the Moon Knight starts from March 30, 2022, on Disney+, and in India, you can stream it on Disney +Hotstar on the same date. If you haven’t watched the eerie trailer yet, without any further delay, watch it on the Disney +official YouTube channel.

The Moon Knight trailer revolves around Steven Grand, the protagonist of the mini-series heavily hit by dissociative identity disorder who at some times shares his mind and body with another man named Marc Spector, while he flung with the memories and thoughts of another personality he couldn’t be even able to differentiate the scenics of dreams and reality asides he is a well-mannered man and a gift shop employee who seemingly makes a living out of his earning, we see him grappling with his another personality.

On a fine morning, he is chaining himself to the strong rod nestled quite near to his bed. He was doing all these to perceive that he does not do all the things in his dreams. It was his mind which captured the quotidian pursuit of his clumsy personality. Astonishingly at one scene, it seems it occurs soon after he realizes it wasn’t him who pursued after the foes and woke up while falling off from the cliff.

At the same time, they also introduced the first look at Randal Spector (Ethan Hawke’s), a religious leader or cult leader, a character inspired by David Koresh. Hawke was a mad genius who was relentlessly working on ceasing the severe pain in the human minds by using Human objects. Thanks to captions on the YouTube trailer which revealed that Hawke is playing a character named Harrow. As perilous foes meet alongside Steven and Marc, while finding a way to decipher their complex personality traits and identifies they plunge into a death-dealing mysterious journey; as the trailer continues to heave away from the screen, we happen to witness Steven transforms himself into the eponymous “Moon Knight” with incredible visuals on one side and a bellicose battering in a Vault to someone on another.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t notice any scene on Moon Knight with a moon-shaped throwing star. Still, in Marvel’s recently released poster, we see Moon Knight arms holding firmly a weapon known as Crescent Darts.

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