New York-based cryptographer, Cybersecurity expert, privacy specialist, and writer Bruce Schneier, who is ten books old, his masterpiece “Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World,” has received a great appreciation as he did what de does customarily. 

Schneier is also a Lecturer at Harvard University. In an interview with Huawei Technologies, Harvard Cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier talks about the modernistic world, the most complex tool ever constructed is the internet, and he also instructed the people of our society to hit a balance between and attack defense, says “it’s more difficult to defend than attack.” 

Do you think encryption is the single most essential security feature of the internet? 

Encryption is a tool for privacy. It’s a tool for confidentiality; when the device is handy, it is essential, and encryption is one of the few technologies that come under pivotal technology to be carried forward. Especially as we evolved to survive with computers, laptops, phones, home appliances, infrastructure, keeping them secure is vitally important, no matter who, legislative member, police officer, advocate, it is their responsibility to secure it from leaking, and encryption is one, and critical technology provides security.

Ensuring those things is because that is the center of our infrastructure that is far more essential than having a back door so law enforcement can investigate crimes; we are safer and secure because of that. 

Is complexity the vulnerable term of security? 

Yes, complexity is the worst enemy of security, as the system gets more complex, they get less secure, the internet is the most complex machine that mankind has ever built by a lot, the computer is complicated, so yes, complexity adds insecurity, and security gets better, but we are kind losing grounds. We think about the history of warfare; you can point to dozens of changes over the centuries between attack and defense, but it’s not inevitable, but it is true today. 

It’s more difficult to defend than attack doesn’t mean it’s futile, and it doesn’t mean we don’t try, but it means we are starting at a disadvantage.

Do you think the savior of the tech could be tech in terms of the ability of the AI? 

We don’t have to travel back to our times, and de tech all our technology. The only solution to bring the worthy cause to tech is by tech, “tech to solve tech problems, and this is also not a new idea, it involves a lot of efforts to bring out a problem-solving tech. Still, the main problem is market reward and research, the problem-solving tech or problem causing tech, and how regulations affect us as a citizen and as opposed to us as consumers. We act accumulatively as citizens instead of individually as consumers.

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