Samsung users are not strange for speaking out their grievances in the Samsung community, which was built merely for Samsung devices enjoyer to raise out their queries that they have been facing in the machine and can put their concerns in the forum.

Users could also seek out a solution to their chaos if possible or else sometimes, if blessed, your queries might get the attention of the official. They would look into the problem and fix it only if the problem affects maximum community members, as the Samsung users evolving in such a way.

Recently few users made use of the platform to report that they haven’t got the eSim to enable updates in their newly purchased Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe.

A user named “hokiepokie99” says “Buyers be aware. I just received my S21FE after talking to one of their Sales Reps telling me I won’t have any trouble using eSim on Verizon. Turns out neither eSim nor Dual Sim (phone comes with a dual sim tray) works at the moment. I could only find one post about they will enable the eSim feature on future updates, but who knows eactly when they will enable them. If you are like me who needs either eSim or Dual Sim feature right now, this phone is not it. Seriously considering returning this phone.” 

It seems the user has been certainly disappointed with the way Samsung takes their update procrastination, not in any way buyers would accept. However, all the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, S21+ 5G, S21 Ultra 5G, S21FE are fitted with an eSIM under the hood.

Few users are niggling with having no available clue whether the eSim feature even exists in the machine or it’s just being sealed inside the phone which has been waiting for the update. This issue was sprouted when the company disabled the feature when s21fe launched.

This isn’t a standalone issue. Many others have also been looking for their phone notifications to pop up the software update; a user named “cantthinkofnicknames” says, “It’s unbelievable that the rest of S21 series supports esim except the newly launched S21 FE disabled this feature at launch, please add this feature in the next update! Thank you” 

Thereupon we’ve also spotted a few acceptable solutions to the complaints; a moderator named ” Valeriya,” who is being a responsible official of the Samsung community who takes the responsibility to address the issues, the moderator says, ” Hi cantthinkofnicknames, Please note that the eSIM feature will be enabled via a software update.

The update time may vary depending on the baseband version and carrie.”  Isn’t it good to have a community where you can share your preliminary complaints and see your queries addressed by the official? Samsung has been doing an altruistic act to save its community from swapping.

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