What TikTok knows about you, celebrating the Data Protection day in its way

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Yukesh Prabhu
Yukesh Prabhu
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January 28 marks Data Protection Day. It was first celebrated in 2006 by the committee of the Minister of the Council of Europe. Data is what every application and website you visit and download into your device. Users can claim control of what is rightfully theirs. All the available platforms and web applications are protected with Data privacy and cookies policy; quite the reverse, users run against data theft to protect their sensitive information. To make sure, Bytedance owned TikTok, a short-form user videos platform rolls out a new video and blog post about how the app collects and uses data from users.

In recent times, the app encountered vexatious situations by many country officials, and it has been banned in countries including Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. But they had faced a temporary ban in a few of the nations. According to TikTok’s official blog post, the company assures users that none of the sensitive or personal information from users is sold to anyone. TikTok has a team of quintessential people who have been designated to look after the various content posted in the form of short videos and scrutinize it to stress to eliminate superfluous videos. This has been occurring when the user of the app posts sensitive or inappropriate content through the app.

TikTok vetting these things to offer a great and safe experience to the users. TikTok collects various information from the users to help them to provide a significant user experience. Still, in 2019, Bytedance was fined $5.7 million for getting data from kids under 13 years in breach of the children’s online privacy protection act. But after the violation, Bytedance revamped the privacy policy of TikTok as per the law.

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What TikTok claims now is so far from its previous privacy settings but yet to be clear, the company mentioned that it has been collecting and deploying data to show advertisements to the users while using the application. They might think that must be exciting and interesting to the users, it also says, that users are allowed to decide about personalized ads in the settings tab. Like any other social media application, TikTok is also making big money by showing ads to the users, which is possible with its recommendations algorithm. Eventually, it needs big data from users. But some industry claims that TikTok is misusing the data and is against its Privacy policy. However, now, the company ushers the users to take back their control and customize their experience by visiting their settings tab to discover numerous tools to build up their way of users experience. In addition, the company promises to keep the users’ data under the protected system to keep the company in a safe spot.

TikTok access to a wide range of privacy settings, for instance

• Choosing whether their account is private or public 

• Choosing how we suggest their account to others

• They set limits on who can interact with their videos through features like Stitch and Duet or commenting on their videos

• Changing who can tag and mention you in a post, all the way from ‘Everyone’ to ‘No One’

• Deciding whether they want to share data with us to personalize the ads that they receive

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