On Sunday 31st January, online music streaming platform Spotify CEO Daniel EK announced that the company would focus more on COVID-19. He said the company had the privileged to do so, but only to pile misinformation on listeners, following the row famous singer Neil Young heavily criticized the misleading information and removed his music from the platform.

Following the incident, Spotify has reportedly been losing billions of dollars regarding the emergence of the Joe Rogan controversy, who is the responsible broadcaster of the podcast. Since the controversy, many prominent artists have removed their music from music streaming platforms.

Singer Joni Mitchell condemned the Spotify podcast and urged the company to remove her content from the stream as the Spotify podcast seems to share inappropriate information about the pandemic.

In the wake of the unexpected controversy, Spotify, on January 30, restructured its content policy to the public and had goaded to create a new crown information center to transpire from the Neil Young decision to remove his music from the platform.

Neil Young, for his podcast, speaks about the new crown pandemic and Vaccinations. On the accusations bestowed on him regarding the podcast Joe Rogan responds to Neil Young’s demur to his podcast and host Spotify says that his podcast has grown “out of control” and vowed to be more evaluated and informed about controversial topics and guests.

Mr. Rogan said, “If I pissed you off, I’m sorry,”  but the things that come off from the music streaming company are uncanny as it hasn’t been diplomatic to remove any of the Rogan content in recent week’s. Even the podcast itself has swept a good number of audiences, listeners who are pretty familiar with the happening says that Rogan the broadcaster of the show offers suggestions that are objectionable to the community, as he guided the young, healthy people not to take Covid-19 vaccine, it has been heavily reprehending by people who things this might mislead the audience who are listening to podcasts and also there could be a chance of unfurling it to the larger audience

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