Fortnite X Uncharted: Everything You Need to Know

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Yukesh Prabhu
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The big battle royale game Fortnite is getting a customarily update as the game collaborates with the upcoming action-adventure Film Uncharted. On a treasure finding Journey of Uncharted is one of the superlative game franchises on PlayStation, now it’s being flicked off into a movie.

The movie is due to release on Feb 18, 2022, globally. Fortnite is a big friend to popular film and its characters; they probably won’t stop seeing the heroic stunts on the big screen but land on battles.

This collaboration marks the third time a Sony PlayStation content deliberately teamed up with Epic Fortnite. In the past, we have seen Kratos with a jiggling sword and ax Swirling in the air to defeat enemies alongside Aloy, the brave girl from the post-apocalyptic land, deployed on the island to face off enemies, however; it wouldn’t be its last collaboration with PS not.

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But, Uncharted partnership would make the uppermost difference in the game either from the attacking and defending point of perception. Famous Fortnite insider Hypex shared some good tips about the Uncharted Collab ahead of the official announcement. An official tweet from Hypex reads 

“A Week 11 Challenge goes live on the 17th that says “Collect Treasure using an Uncharted Treasure Map,” and the Uncharted movie releases the next day, so here’s a possible collab! 


The Treasure Chest drops four legendary weapons, four good heals, 270 mixed mats, so much ammo & 100 Gold!” 

The miner also shared how Uncharted collab would look like when it’s finding your device 

“Few simulations of opening the unreleased “Uncharted Treasure Chest” is speculated to be an Uncharted collab. Remember that these could change when it finally releases in 2 weeks! 

Should I turn this loot simulator into a Discord bot? ???? (It works with chests and more) a huge thanks to the data miners who work not Considering the clocks and bringing off the precious information every Fortnite fan could get hacker ever. 

If you’re an ardent Fortnite and need at least any idea of what will likely show up in the land with Uncharted collaboration, Here’s everything we need you to know about the Uncharted skins in Fortnite, including when they release and how much they should cost. 

From the tipsters, we’ve learned that Week 11 challenge will put players to collect “Treasure using an Uncharted Treasure Map. “ Besides, everything seems a little blunt about what Uncharted skins would appear on the lobby or what might it look like.

Howbeit, we know about the movie and the protagonist of the films Nathan Drake, a brave wanderlust, and Victor Sullivan, played by Mark Wahlberg. This now Holland will mask out and show his natural face with the film due out shortly.

We have seen him with spidey suit swings all over in another league; it won’t collide with upcoming collaboration. It is very likely to witness a female lead skins stars in the movie to counterbalance the skins and cosmetics. When it comes to pricing, it would cost you around 1500 V-Bucks a piece. You may also get a complete set of the pack for 2400+ V-Bucks. 

Release Date:

The exact date is still far from an official confirmation, but we could expect the Uncharted Treasure challenges on February 17, 2022, onwards, while the movie will be released on 18th, 2022.

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