Enjoy Mozilla VPN with Firefox Multi-Account Containers Add-on

Online privacy has long been a primary priority for Mozilla. To fight cross-site tracking, they just unveiled Total Cookie Protection on Firefox Focus, and last year they introduced Firefox Relay, a privacy-first tool that hides your real email address to help safeguard your identity.

After a successful English roll out in November, Mozilla is integrating one of users’ favorite Firefox Add-ons, Multi-Account Containers, with Mozilla VPN, a fast and easy-to-use VPN service, to offer a unique, privacy solution that is only accessible in Firefox. In addition, the multi-hop capability is now available on Android and iOS with today’s Mozilla VPN version.

Exciting online life on Mozilla VPN with Firefox Multi-Account Containers Add-on

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Multi-Account Containers, a Mozilla add-on, was launched in 2017 to let you divide your online lives. You might easily split that activity, instead of opening a new window or different browser to check your work email.

They designed tab-specific containers for personal, work, shopping, banking, and social media, as well as opportunities to customize it with a different color, logo, or name. Websites and cookies are isolated from other containers behind the scenes, allowing you to sign into two different accounts on the same site, for work and personal.

Thousands of users have praised the Multi-Account Containers Add-on, calling it a “productivity hack,” “absolutely wonderful,” and “ideal for privacy.”

They provide an extra degree of anonymity by integrating Firefox’s Multi-Account Containers with Mozilla VPN, which protects your browsing activity and allows you to designate a new exit server in a different location for each of your containers 

If you’re traveling for work and need to check your work email from Paris, France, but also want to check your personal banking accounts in New York City, you can do so using your computer. With Multi-Account Containers and the added privacy of the Mozilla VPN, you can isolate your business and personal finances’ online activity while choosing from over 400 servers in 30 countries.

You can set one of your containers to shopping and change the server to the nearest city of your loved ones’ home to check out local shops to have flowers or a meal delivered to their home for that special occasion or just to say hello if you aren’t ready to travel yet and are keeping in touch with family and friends through emails and video. When it comes to how Firefox’s Multi-Account Containers Add-on and Mozilla VPN work, the possibilities are unlimited.

Mozilla’s VPN multi-hop is available on Android and iOS

Mozilla added a multi-hop feature to the desktop in September 2021, allowing users to access two VPN servers instead of one. This robust privacy feature is especially useful for persons who are ultra-conservative about privacy, such as political activists and journalists covering sensitive themes.

The VPN multi-hop feature in Mozilla works by sending your internet activity through one VPN server, the entrance VPN server, first. The data is then routed through a second VPN server, this time the exit VPN server. Whenever and everywhere you go online, use this extra privacy option on your mobile devices.

Consumer Reports tested 16 VPN service providers in December, and Mozilla VPN was named one of the best VPNs that Consumer Reports would feel comfortable using or recommending to a friend. Several VPN service providers were evaluated to examine how they protected consumers’ security and privacy.

It is more vital than ever to stay safe online and to understand that what you do is your own business. Mozilla is devoted to innovating and bringing new features to the Mozilla VPN. Mozilla is a mission-driven corporation with a 20-year track record of fighting for online privacy and a healthy internet. Users who subscribe to Mozilla VPN are supporting both Mozilla’s product development and our objective to create a better web for everyone.

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